Multi-award-winning innovative system


The Pocket Learner educational system enhances vocabulary development, reading,

numeracy, and general communication in children experiencing learning difficulties. 

The Pocket Learner helps children learn:

  • to read
  • new words
  • to count

This multi-award-winning educational system:

  • builds self-esteem
  • inspires and empowers
  • boosts  general knowledge
  • builds confidence
  • enhances vocabulary
  • improves life chances
living and learning
living and learning

 Who is it for?

  The system has proven to be effective and has produced success in

  • children diagnosed with learning difficulty
  • neuro-typical children who are struggling at school during their early years
  • adults with literacy issues
  • individuals wishing to learn English
  • English speakers wishing to learn a foreign language

The Pocket Learner is also useful in assisting individuals experiencing communication difficulties resulting from a stroke.          

The Pocket Learner

Invention, Innovation &



National Business Womens award
Jack Petchey

Once you learn to read

you  will be forever free

  Frederick Douglass

Children are made  readers on the laps

of their parents 

Emilie Buchwald